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October 22, 2010



I like the distance, universality and intimacy afforded by the use of pronouns rather than names. The last sentence is a corker too.


You certainly packed a lot to think about in this story.

I found it really interesting that the couple wanted the house to give them "space to breathe, room to expand" but, in reality, it seemed to restrict them and make them conform to what they thought were their roles in society. I think it's also fascinating that the house defines them, rather than having the couple stamp their personalities over it, and they invite friends for dinner by saying, "Come over to the house", and not to see them or simply "come over for dinner". It's almost as if they're losing their identities and your use of pronouns compounds this feeling.

Great last sentence. The house holding everything they put inside it but that's not made it into a home or theirs.

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