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January 22, 2007


J. M. Strother

Very well written. Amazing how fragile the bonds that join us can become, and what provides that last bit of tension that cause them to snap. You captured that perfectly.

Laura Eno

Great story! You really showed how the final straw can be something minor yet part of a larger problem.


This is so very good. I can so relate here. It's amazing what can make or break a relationship (I'm glad it's not just me, and I'm not ENTIRELY mental)


A deeply resonant piece. I read this week that flash fiction is when you stare through a keyhole to see a moment in the room beyond. This certainly fits that description. Your first sentence is super too.

Pippa Hennessy

So few words yet so strong, I had to re-read a couple of times. I'm with Dan about the first sentence - 'We nursed a low-grade bicker...' - fabulous! This is almost prose poetry, every word does its job.


I like what Dan said about looking through the keyhole -- what you see is often a flash scene more than what I tend to think of as "fiction." And as such, as Pippa says, this becomes poetry. Maybe not in the language (though there's that in places, certainly the "nursed a low-grade bicker") as much as the way the scene holds and turns slowly like a gently throbbing marble in sunlight. In other words, lovely piece.

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